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Our firm has a long track record of satisfied clients. We have successfully litigated and obtained numerous settlements and judgments on behalf of our clients. Insurance companies understand that we don’t shy away from problem cases like other law firms often do. We are prepared to litigate each personal injury case like it may be the next “million dollar case” and insurance companies know that they can't bully us. Hear from our clients by reading some of our reviews below, or visit our Yelp page to read more.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this firm! They did an amazing job on my auto accident case. I originally called the insurance thinking they would help but they just dragged their feet and after a few weeks put me at fault. I was hurt and...
Mike Jones
I want to Thank Michael For taking the time to speak with me in reference to my situation. He called me twice and went into detail to explain to me how his...
val a.
This is a VERY responsive, experienced law firm! I dealt initially with Ryan, who was VERY informative, helpful, and explained everything to me. I then met my lawyer and he took it over and I am 100% satisfied. I hope I never have another auto accident,, but,...
Randy Ryan
They are amazing. I was in an Uber when the driver hit another car. I was in the back seat and didn't see who had a red light. I got the run around from both insurance companies and neither would help me so I called B&D Law....
Michel Alverez
I got into a car accident that wasnt even my fault and insurance was refusing to pay for all the damage. These guys helped get everything straight and even got me a good extra chunk of money.
Chet Aucoin
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