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Personal Injury FAQs


If you want to learn more about personal injury law and how it may impact you in the wake of an accident or injury, we welcome you to review the following questions and answers. You can also contact a California personal injury lawyer at our firm at any time for a free consultation.

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Trying to recover fair compensation after an accident or a serious injury can be extremely difficult. You’d think that the insurance company would be fair in handling your claim, but they may use underhanded tactics to delay payment, undervalue your claim, or deny responsibility altogether. An attorney can protect your rights and pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

Every case is different. Some may be worth hundreds of dollars, and others may be worth millions or even tens of millions. The value of your case will depend largely on the extent of injury you have experienced, both physical and emotional. We will consider medical bills, ongoing medical treatment, lost earnings, future loss of earnings, emotional trauma, pain, suffering, and other losses or injuries when determining the fair value of your claim.

Negligence can be simply described as a failure to act with reasonable care. An example may be a property owner who knows that a stairway is missing a railing but does not fix it on time and does not place a sign warning others of the hazard. If someone falls and is injured as a result, that property owner may be responsible due to his negligence.

Legal responsibility in a personal injury claim may fall on the shoulders of any individual or entity that had an obligation to act in a certain way, violated that duty, and caused you harm as a result. In a car accident, for example, a driver who was texting and rear-ended you may be liable for your injuries.

Your California personal injury attorney may utilize accident reconstruction to determine what caused your accident and to prove fault. This may involve recreating the accident using a computer program, diagrams, or physical objects to show how it occurred and who was responsible for causing it. B&D Law Group works with accident reconstruction specialists when needed to build strong cases for our clients.

Even a “small” case can benefit from the attention of a lawyer. No matter the extent of the harm you have experienced, we welcome you to call our firm to see how we can assist you. Your consultation is free, so there is no risk and no obligation.

This is an opportunity for recent law school graduates to obtain real-world hands-on experience in a dynamic and challenging work environment. The position provides an opportunity to work closely with experienced personal injury litigation attorneys in a wide variety of complex and catastrophic personal injury cases. Fellows will be exposed to all aspects of personal injury litigation – including the opportunity to attend hearings, depositions, trials, and mediations. Fellows will receive training in all aspects of personal injury litigation from start to finish, including trials and even appeals, while also gaining valuable insight into the firm, our clients, and our one-firm culture.

Excellent oral communication skills are required and experience in moot court/mock trial organizations is a plus, although not mandatory. We look for students who are creative, eager to take on responsibility, and want to work with some of the best in the industry who are as committed as you are and are equally energized by the success of their peers.

The position pays salary and benefits commensurate with the pay for a first-year associate at other plaintiff’s firms. After one year, Fellowship positions may be extended for an additional period of time or Fellows may be asked to join the firm as an associate depending on the hiring needs of the firm.

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