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Who is Liable in a Bicycle or Car Accident

If you are a bicycle rider in California, you know how dangerous it can be to share the road with other drivers, especially on crowded streets. Unfortunately, many bicycle accidents and car accidents occur because someone wasn’t observing the rules of the road. Bike accidents can result in devastating injuries for bike riders because they do not have the same protection as someone driving a car. Even at low speeds, the impact from an accident can end up being fatal for the bike rider.

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle, you need to consult with an attorney to get help determining which party is at fault. Although you can sue to recover financial compensation for your accident damages, you will need to prove the other driver was negligent and caused the wreck. This can be a difficult and complex process, which is why you should talk to a lawyer about all of your options under the law.

A person acts negligently when they fail to fulfill their duty to another individual. If the driver was speeding or drifted into the bike lane, causing the accident, they can be found liable for your damages. However, you will need evidence that proves the driver’s negligence, such as a speeding ticket or police report.

Examples of driver negligence include:

  • Speeding
  • Running a stop sign
  • Making a right turn across a bike lane without watching for cyclists

Both drivers and bicyclists have to obey the rules of the road safely and responsibly in a safe and responsible way. This means both parties must exercise care for the safety of everyone they share the road with.

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