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Car and Truck Accident: Collisions and their Effects

After a motor vehicle accident, it may not feel significant whether the other driver was in a car or semi-truck. Regardless of the other type of vehicle that was involved, you’ll suffer from emotional and financial distress as a result. But upon further investigation of how these accidents occur and the related legal action, you’ll realize that there are important differences between these two types of collisions: Car and Truck accidents.

Causes of Collisions

In general, the cause of a collision can be summed up in one word: Negligence. Under this umbrella term, there are many different ways a person can be negligent and injure another person in a motor vehicle accident.

Drivers of cars and semi-trucks can harm others if they are tired, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, distracted, or otherwise behaving recklessly. Mechanical issues are another top cause of collisions. Truckers may be especially susceptible to the effects of fatigue and maintenance problems because of the length of their trips — driving for hours can easily wear down vehicles and their drivers.

Rules of the Road on Car and Rail Road Truck accident

It is important to note that truck drivers must follow a set of rules that are completely separate from the standard traffic laws that people in cars must adhere to. Of course, truckers are required to follow those rules too, but there are laws specifically created for truck driving safety that regulates driving hours, vehicle weights, maintenance, and recordkeeping in the commercial trucking industry. Trucking companies are required by law to keep detailed records of their drivers’ trip times, cargo volumes, and mechanical repairs, so there is often a wealth of evidence to refer to following car and truck injuries.

Resulting Damages

One of the key differences between a car and truck accident is the amount of damage an 18-wheeler can cause in comparison to a standard car, or even a pickup truck. Commercial trucks are simply much larger and heavier than other vehicles, and therefore cause more damage. A person who is involved in a collision with a semi-truck will likely sustain severe injuries such as harm to the brain and spinal cord.

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