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Let’s Define Catastrophic Injury with FAQs

Definition of Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is a legal term. It refers to an injury that is so severe it will permanently affect an individual. A catastrophic injury may cause permanent scarring and disfigurement, for example, or a lifelong disability that prevents an individual from enjoying everyday life. Catastrophic injuries often take individuals out of work as well, leading to a lifetime of lost wages and earning opportunities. Catastrophic injuries can significantly and irrevocably impact a victim’s life, livelihood, enjoyment of life, and ability to work.
These injuries are also more likely to impact the entire family compared to less severe injuries. Family members may have to act as caregivers for someone with a permanent disability. The family may also incur costs related to ongoing care, such as medical bills, special education for a child, physical therapy, rehabilitation, travel expenses, medications, medical devices, and live-in nursing care. Furthermore, the victim will not be able to contribute to household income or household chores due to a disability that renders him or her unable to do so.

Some of the most common catastrophic injury cases include:

1.Closed and open traumatic brain injury (TBIs)- Brain injury is an event when the brain violently hits an object or when the object pierces the skull and enters brain tissue
2. Crushing head injury- Crushing a head injury is an event when the brain and skull are crushed usually between two hard objects.
3. Serious burns Injury- Serious burn injury is severe skin damage that causes affected skin cells to die.
4. Spinal cord injury- A spinal cord injury is an event when the spinal cord damages any part of nerves that causes permanent changes in strength, sensation, and other parts of the body.
5. Paralysis (tetraplegia, paraplegia, and triplegia)- Paralysis Is an event when the body part of a person cannot move because of illness, poison, or serious injuries
6. Amputations- Amputation is an event when a part of a body is removed or lost, it can be a life-changing experience affecting your ability to move

Medical expertise often saves catastrophic injury victims’ lives, but it can’t always restore them to full health, cognition, and mobility. When people sustain catastrophic injuries, their new normal must integrate daily living with ongoing care, therapeutic maintenance, family assistance, and a serious financial commitment

What Can Cause a Catastrophic Injury?

1. Car accidents – Car accidents are an event where two or more vehicles crash into pedestrians which can result in serious injuries or death.
2. Truck Accident- Truck Accident is an event where a truck crashes into another vehicle that can result in serious injuries or death.
3. Motorcycle accident- A motorcycle accident is an event when a motorcycle hits a person, object, or another vehicle that can result in serious injuries or death.
4. Pedestrian and bicycle accident- A pedestrian and Bicycle accident is an event that a vehicle hits an object, another vehicle or a person that results in serious injuries or death.
5. Fall Injury- Fall Injury is an event when a person falls on the ground that can result in broken bones, like arm, ankle, and hip fractures, or death.
6. Dog attack– A dog attack is an event when an animal attacks a person that can result in serious injury.
7. Diving accident- A diving accident is an event when a person is diving into water that is too shallow or has hidden hazards that can result in serious injuries or death.
8. Sports Injury- Sports injury is an event when the athlete interrupts training or competition and may lead to seeking medical treatment.
9. Construction accident- construction accident is an event when the person has the result of injuries or damage sustained as a result of endeavors to build or demolish a place in a specific facility
10. Defective products- Defective product is an event if any product that is unreasonably dangerous when being used for its intended purposes, can result in serious injuries or death.
11. Acts of violence- An act of violence is an event that the person purposely or knowingly causes or threatens to cause death or serious physical injury

Damages in catastrophic injury cases in California are often substantial. It is important not to accept an insurance settlement offer before bringing it to a lawyer for review. Insurance companies often offer amounts that do not provide fair value for the victims, especially for serious or catastrophic injuries. Your lawyer can negotiate with an insurance company for a fair settlement for your past and future losses.


A catastrophic personal injury can instantly alter your life and affect your loved ones. Catastrophic injuries reach into all aspects of life: they cause pain and suffering and shatter dreams.

Catastrophic Injuries severely (often permanently) affect a victim’s bodily functions and health. Returning to work can be out of the question for survivors, with they and their families suffering a significant decline in well-being and quality of life.

The term catastrophic injury encompasses a wide range of life-changing medical conditions. Brain and spine injuries are the most widely recognized as “catastrophic,” but the category also encompasses traumatic amputations, severe burns, and any other condition that leaves an injured person with a serious – and possibly permanent – loss of bodily function.
It’s no exaggeration to say that this type of loss is emotionally devastating as well as physically painful. And unfortunately, a catastrophic injury is almost always financially devastating as well. Even if you have medical insurance, the cost of surgeries, hospitalization and other costs can quickly skyrocket into the tens of thousands.
And of course, victims may not be able to go back to work for months or may not have jobs waiting when they return — if they can work at all.

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