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Top 6 Common causes of brain and spine injury in 2022?


Brain and spine injuries are a major problem here in the United States. Each year, more than 12,000 Americans are impacted by spinal cord injuries. An even greater number—2.8 million—are impacted by a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year, with a reported 50,000 deaths annually.

A majority of these injuries occur because of collisions, accidents, and slip-and-fall incidents. Victims with brain and spinal injuries often face permanent, life-altering disabilities. They and their families also face the challenge of paying for medical bills and continued medical care, often bereft of the victim’s work income.


Any collision or accident has the potential to cause a brain or spinal cord injury. Even in situations where the back or head does not make physical contact with anything, the force of a vehicle-on-vehicle impact, for instance, can cause neck injuries through a condition known as whiplash.

In other types of accidents—such as a bicyclist who hits the pavement after being hit by a car—direct force impact on the skull can cause a concussion, a brain injury where the force of impact causes the brain to make physical contact with the skull’s interior wall.

There are long-term impact effects for these types of injuries. Damage to the central nervous system of the body can be long-lasting, if not permanent.
When you break a bone, tear a ligament, or have a cut, the human body slowly heals itself by growing new cells to replace the damaged ones. This process is helped along by medical care, which ensures the bone is set in the right place and that the cut is cleaned and dressed to avoid infection. The brain and spine, however, are far slower to heal, and some parts of each do not heal at all.


1. Vehicle Collisions Vehicle collision is an event when a vehicle collides with another vehicle that can result in serious injuries or death
2. Bicycle Accident- A bicycle accident is an event when a bicycle hits a person or another vehicle that can result in serious injuries or death
3. Motorcycle Accident- A motorcycle accident is an event when a motorcycle hits an object, person or vehicle that can result in serious injuries or death
4. Workplace Injury- Workplace injury is an event when a person has an injury or illness that occurs in relation to an employee’s job
5. Slip & Fall Accidents- slip & fall accident is an event when someone slips and falls down, for any reason that can result in serious injuries or death
6. Acts of Violence– An act of violence is an event when a person intentionally threatens to cause death or serious physical injury to another.


Signs and Symptoms of Spinal Cord Injury will vary based on the severity of the injury suffered and the particular vertebrae damaged. Some of the most frequent signs of spinal cord damage are as follows.

Note: if you are experiencing any of these symptoms after a motor vehicle collision seeks medical attention immediately.

1. Difficulty Breathing-when the person feels short of breath or has trouble inhaling or exhaling.
2. Loss of Motor Functions
3. Numbness of the Exterminates
4. General Paralysis
5. Pain or Weakness
6. Loss of Bowel Movement Control
7. Alteration of the Senses
8. Swelling and Internal Bleeding
9. A full examination by trained medical professionals is required for a complete diagnosis of your injuries. Such examinations will often require the undergoing of CT-Scans, Lumbosacral Spine X-rays, and MRIs.

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