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B&D Law Group Announces a 4,000 Square Facility Expanding upon in West Los Angeles

B&D Law Group, APLC, celebrating their first anniversary at their new location in West Los Angeles, Announces a 4,000 square facility expansion in West Los Angeles Construction has already hit the ground and the expansion is expected to be fully operational at the beginning of the year. The expanded facility adds a new level of modernization to the existing facility. Attorney Daniel D. Geoulla explains, “By utilizing advanced law practice technologies we can provide our clients with a higher level of service, more efficiently than others.” He also indicated that plans are already in place to open up an additional location in San Diego to assistant their Southern California clients.

Daniel D. Geoulla also commented on a few recent high-profile personal injury cases, such as their lawsuit against Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry, the recent lawsuit against America’s Got Talent and numerous personal injury lawsuits against large corporations and government entities. Attorney Geoulla explained, “Other law firms do not have our resources or the wherewithal to go after large corporations, government entities, and insurance companies, and frankly many of them are too afraid to ruffle feathers.”

Facility Expansion in West Los Angeles

B&D Law Group, APLC, is a California personal injury law firm with offices located throughout the state and headquarters in West Los Angeles. B&D Law Group, APLC, has extensive experience representing motor-vehicle accident and personal injury victims, helping them obtain compensation for their injuries and damages.